Influencing the Sale of Your Property

At Charles Real Estate we focus on presenting your home to the market in a manner that will create maximum interest and your highest possible financial return. Listing price is an important factor influencing your home’s sale but it is not the only factor. Some influences are within your control and others are not.
You cannot control your property’s location, other listings, the market absorption rate, recent valuations or the macro economic conditions impacting your real estate market.

What we do have the ability to control are the following:


Determining the right price to list a home at is a personalized process that involves deeply understanding your personal motivations to sell, current market conditions and how your home measures up against other homes that are on the market. At Charles, we take the time to ensure we are on the same page as our client and we share all available market data with our clients. Price is a joint decision and we invest time in making sure we find consensus with you.


Declutter - Getting your home ready for sale is one of the most stressful parts of the sales process. It often involves depersonalizing your home and taking the time to sort through a collection of treasured possessions. We have access to a team of professional organizers who can guide you through the process or simply take on the project for you. Our referrals are vetted and reliable. We have suggestions that will work within everyone’s budget.
Staging - Likewise we can offer staging solutions that work with what you have or we can completely refurnish your home. At Charles, we have successfully sold homes that needed $80.00 worth of staging and others that required a $50,000 investment. We create a personalized staging plan for you and ensure that your home presents perfectly.
Photography – 98% of all housing searches begin on the internet. It is for this reason that we rely on professional home photographers to capture gorgeous high resolution images of your home. We ensure these photographers highlight every feature of your home, balance lighting and contrast in post-production work and understand the best angles and times of day to shoot ensuring a prefect and seamless photography session.
Video – Video can be an important tool in highlighting unique properties or home features. We have access to the some of the best videographers and state of the art technology such as drones.

Physical Condition of Your Home and Grounds

Homes are naturally subjected to wear and tear. Before listing we help make sure that there are no hindrances to the sale of your home and we have a list of preferred vendors who can help you fix up a leaky faucet, get a furnace running efficiently or provide a full landscaping service. It is sometimes helpful to have a pre-sale home inspection done so that you are not surprised by any overlooked maintenance issues.

Promotional Marketing Tools

When Charles markets your home we make sure that we create the best pattern of exposure for your property, both virtually and in print. Naturally we have access to the MLS database but we have also worked with some of the best designers and artist around the world to created a modern and elegant brand that will add distinction to your property and all associated marketing. We believe that great design in marketing in not a luxury item in this day and age but is foundational to any modern marketing campaign. If your realtor doesn’t invest in design they are not speaking the language of the digital era.
Our dedication to design and marketing means we are constantly evolving with market trends and continuing to improve. We professionally designed marketing brochures and mailout cards. We maintain a branded email campaign tool that allows us to send high resolution images and information regarding your home to our clients and to hundreds of area realtors who have buyers looking for properties like yours.
Most significantly we have created both companywide and personal social media accounts that are followed by thousands and are tied to with community influencers. We have strengths across all social media platforms and have had much success selling homes on social media through both paid and unpaid campaigns.
The signage that will be displayed on your property is modern and thoughtful.

Access to your Home

Showing a home can be a stressful experience. We work with our clients to help them set up a process that will allow for timely access for agents and potential buyers. In some instances, our clients prefer that at Charles agent is always at a showing and we can work together to make special arrangements.


At Charles we are raising the bar in terms of professionalism in the real estate industry. The barriers to entry are not high, but Charles requires agents understand the deep importance of the fiduciary relationship between the agent and the client. We are akin to your banker, lawyer or doctor, and are trusted with a great deal of personal and financial information. Our commitment to you is our utmost discretion and professionalism. We are not in the business to “churn” deals. We are in the business to help our clients manage their real estate needs and build life long relationships founded on trust.